Private Ohio Concealed Carry

Trigger Pull will host your Ohio Concealed carry class. This can be done in the comfort of your own home or at our location classes start at  $700.00 up to 7 people .  Only $50.00 for each additional person if done at our location and range. 

Only Requirements
Private Range or one can be provided
Class Room or one can be provided

Class will cover everything you will needed to obtain an Ohio concealed carry class. The class is at least 6 hours and at least 2 hours of range time.

Projector/Screen for class
Tables (for range and class)
Chairs (for class room)
Materiel needed for class
Firearms for each student (if needed)
Ammo for each student
Eye Protection
Ear Protection

Class cost will vary by size and location.

To schedule a class or receive more information on training please use the contact tab, click the following link  Contact , send us an email to:, or visit our facebook page: Trigger Pull